History of “Ek Paktias”

Elizabeth was born and raised in the island of Paros. From a very young age, at her free time she would follow her father, Dimitris, to any kind of beekeeping work. Bees for her, from the first years of her life, had an important role in her daily life routine. It was something that made her feel free.

Growing up, her studies at the National Technical University of Athens, where she read Applied Mathematics and Physical Sciences, forced her to be away from the beekeeping fields of the beautiful island of Paros, something that she would often seek, but was difficult to find in Athens!

Angelos was born in Athens and the only contact he had with bees was with those which stung him back at his home in Oia, Santorini when he was a little boy and went for his summer vacations.

He studied Computer Specialist and Accounting. Before meeting Elizabeth, he was working at the Bank of Cyprus in Athens.

They met in 2010; in 2012, and after a voluntary redundancy, Angelo left the Bank and they both decided to return to Paros, spend their lives and take on beekeeping, which was a practice that Elisabeth’s family indulged in for more than 30 years.

They studied Apitherapy and Natural Cosmetics in the Agricultural Sciences Institute of Beekeeping before they departed from Athens. Their teachers gave them even greater inspiration and assistance. Such studies came and tied with the great experience of Elizabeth’s parents who after so many years knew the peculiarities of the natural environment of Paros.

Since 2013, they are in charge of the family beekeeping unit  and evolve it both in facilities as well as in products.